Terms and Conditions of proper operation of the Refuge

Hellenic Rescue Team, an NGO based in Thessaloniki, Greece, is called to provide overnight stays at the Petrostrouga mountain refuge. The services that the refuge can provide are:
• Stay in dormitories with shared beds
• Access to indoor toilets
• Heating
• Blankets and bedding
• Feeding
There is no possibility of bathing in the sanctuary’s premises either inside or outside.

For reservation, the following are required:
1. Accepting the operating rules of the refuge by the person in charge (attached document)
2. Accepting the reservation and payment method
3. The email and phone number of the person in charge
4. Payment of the whole amount or an advance payment

• Everywhere in the refuge, slippers must be worn in order to keep the rooms clean for all our guests
• Abuse of alcoholic beverages is prohibited. Any person under the influence of alcohol or narcotic drugs is not allowed to enter.
• Entry to hunters carrying weapons is prohibited
• No animals are allowed to enter and remain in a refuge, due to Greek law
• In the event of bad weather, those ready for departure must inform the person in charge of the refuge.

Toilet Use
• Please remember: no papers within the basin
• Only papers can be discarded in the buckets as they are the only ones that will go for burning
• Take care to keep the toilet lid clean for you and the rest of the guests
• If there is no water in the cistern, you can pour water with a bucket found outside the toilets. Make use until your traces disappear …!

Use of shared spaces
• Service in the restaurant is self-service
• At the end of your meal, be sure to return the dishes to the kitchen table
• If there is a lot of people, make sure to offer your seat after your meal is finished to serve the rest of the guests
• It is NOT allowed to prepare and eat meals at the dining room or at the living room
• Meals may be prepared and consumed outside the refuge.
• It is strictly forbidden to eat and drink in the rooms

Garbage Management:
• Papers must be placed in the kitchen or discarded in the toilet bowls. Those only go for burning
• Food leftovers should to be dropped in the passage of the kitchen. We will take care to throw in a special place
• The garbage of a product can be left in the refuge only if it was purchased from the refuge
• Products purchased in Litochoro must packed in your bag and be discarded in Litochoro.
• Please note: water from the tap is NOT drinkable. Water is collected from rain and stored in tanks
• A water source can be found 2 kilometers away from the refuge where you fill your spouts. Alternatively, you can get a refreshment from the refuge.
• Our goal is to properly manage the water so that all visitors can be served and the rooms can be kept clean.
This can also be achieved with your valuable help:
o Minimize water use when washing hands. Open the tap only when necessary
o Do not bathe with tap water
o Before dishwashing, be sure to first throw food leftovers in a special bin

During the winter season additional terms apply as follow(November – early May)
• Opening of the refuge depends on weather conditions and accessibility due to snow
• To open the refuge a minimum reservation of 15 people is required.
• Reservation is made at a minimum cost per person of 40 € (including accommodation, breakfast and a meal).
In case the group of people is less than 15 (people), the refuge will be open only if the winter operating costs are covered (150€).
• Administrators may request the assistance of visitors for the transport of garbage to collection points in Litochoro.
• Visitors must be aware that during the winter months mules cannot be used for the supply of materials, and the transportation of supplies is only done on the back of the people who will open the refuge.
• Because the supplies are transported on the back, careful preparation is made based on the number of people in perishable products 7 days prior to booking.
• In the case of bookings of more than 25 people, administrators may request assistance in transferring products that will serve visitors, such as bread etc
• Also the garbage is collected and descended on the back, but several times the volume is disproportionate for the people who will serve the group. Your contribution may be requested.
• In case of bad weather or difficulty in accessing the refuge, you will be informed as soon as possible by the managers and you are entitled to the full refund or change of the booking date.

Reservations – Advance payments
• The refuge cannot accept reservations more than the beds it can serve.
• After the confirmation of your reservation the total amount must be paid within 2 working days
• Reservation is made at a minimum cost per person of 40 € (including accommodation, breakfast and a meal).
In case the group of people is less than 15 (people), the refuge will be open only if the winter operating costs are covered (150€).

Cancelation policy
Cancellation on summer season (June to end of October)
• 21 to 10 days before your arrival, any reduction in booking fees will be charged on 50% per person
• In case of non-show or cancellation 10 to 1 days before your arrival, 100% of the total booking cost will be deducted
Cancellation on winter season (November till end of May)
• Up to 14 days before arrival, in case of cancellation for any reason coming from your side, it is possible to transfer the date.
• 10 days prior to arrival, in case of cancellation for any reason coming from your side, 50% of the deposit will be withheld

General cancelation policy
The administration can change or cancel the reservation due to bad weather conditions. In this case the administration is responsible to inform you as soon as possible and it’s entitled to either full refund either to change the dates. We are not entitled to cover any other costs or losses which may be occurred by the cancelation (ex. air tickets, hotel
If you need an extra overnight stay due to bad weather conditions, you are entitled to beds, based on the availability of free beds in the refuge. Priority is given to those who have previously booked and have paid the amount.
I have read and understand the terms of use of the refuge and the terms of payment. As an individual, office or excursionist, I will make sure that all participants are informed.

Payments through bank transfer:
Piraeus: 6458-040030-571
IBAN: GR42 0171 4580 0064 5804 0030 571
Beneficiary: Hellenic Rescue Team